Training Camp North is a place, a team, a company and a community. Founded and built by Michael O'Neil, TCN has served as the home and training camp for many friends and world class athletes that have excelled at the highest level in the sports of triathlon, duathlon and track and field, lacrosse and soccer. Multiple World Champions, National Champions, Olympic Athletes and Medalists have stayed and trained at TCN. TCN has also been a place of refuge for many talented musicians and artists over the years.

TCN members-athletes-alumni race individually and together all over the world, often racing as a team.
Sometime ago, Mike combined his love and knowledge of sport with his knowledge of business and began representing a select number of professional athletes. Trained and experienced as in investment manager, Mike is also on the board of advisors for Tri-Dubai Professional Triathlon Team-a revolutionary team in the sport of triathlon. He brings experience in the areas of public relations, contract negotiation, training advice & mentoring, freelance writing & photography.

TCN is about the unlimited belief in human potential.